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a run in my shoes [entries|friends|calendar]

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goodbye to you [27 May 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

no more track motif right now... a new lj is born to the public. it's name is an_epiphany and it is mine. sure it needs tweeking now.. but i thought it was time fo it's debut. took me for freakin ever.... i wanted to wait to track was really over to stop using this one, because it's so track oriented. now that summer is here, running is less of a concern...


1 mile | have you run yet today?

sing a song? [25 May 2004|10:48pm]
ok, since this evening has been a little on the boring side, i made up this short and stupid quiz. do you know who all the questioning artists are by the snipet i have form one of their songs? i am just so corny, i can't stand it. (hint: none of the songs are on my sountrack of life and none of the artists are repeated.) good luck

№ 1
"...So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell? blue skies from pain? can you tell a green field from a cold, steel rain? a smile from a veil? do you think you can tell? did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? hot ashes for trees? hot air for a cool breeze? cold comfort for change? did you exchange a walk-on part in a wr for a lead role in a cage?..."

№ 2
"...Do you even know who you are? A rising dream or a falling star? do you even know what you have? is life good to you or is it bad?..."

№ 3
"...You're sweet just like the sun but what happens when the sun doesn't stay? the night reminds me of when youy went away..."

№ 4
"...I know it's just no use when all you lies become your truths and i don't care. could you look me in the eye and tell me that you're happy now? could you tell it to my face, or have i been erased? are you happy now?..."

№ 5
"...Was there a second in time i looked around? did i sail through or drop my anchor down? was anything enough to kiss the ground and say i'm here now? and she is here now..."

№ 6
"...Do you ever feel like crying? Do you ever feel like giving up? I raise my hands up toward the sky, i say this prayer for you tonight because nothing is impossible..."
have you run yet today?

[07 May 2004|11:07am]
[ mood | and nervous ]

no school today! baaaaahhhhh! some electrical problemo; second time this year- how ghetto. anyway, as much of a waste of a day this will be (because god knows i won't do anything of use) it feels good. damnit! and my hair looked really good today too. >:/ ooh well. the meet, fair, and whatever else are still on (as of right now.. mother nature may interfere (that would be thunderstorms)) for tonight.

alright... just talked to phil. i'm still running the 800. this is so... weird. things happen and i get so upset and whatnot and somehow i find in in me to fix my problems and get redemption. and then it's just like... i don't even believe it. i have a chance of making it to the finals if i run sub-2:30. that was my goal for the season too. please... say a prayer for my 800 tonight..

have you run yet today?

the LiveJournal song [03 May 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Turned on my computer, and what did i see?
my livejournal client staring back at me.
your my friend I'll add you to my list,
according to my current mood i'm pissed
as i'm currently listening to some song that's really "emo"

There are some things that you've got to know

on Live Journal, Live Journal
Chronicle your uncle's heart attack
on Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friend behind their back
on Live Journal

Customize your settings, and your profile
Click refresh a thousand times, this might take awhile
upload some pictures of your cat
and let the whole world know that you can't be ignored

all of this and more

On Live Journal, Live Journal
Mirrors on Shoes is back in full effect
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Find some new friends to infect (with live journal)

Some kids have blogs or diaryland,
for reasons i can't understand
scribble couldn't hold a candle to a livejournal paid account
what more can i say, or is that it?
besides the fact that LJ's the whip
It's time for me to log-out

There's one more thing that you've got to know

On Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friends behind their back
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Chronicle your gerbils heart attack

On Live Journal....So Live...So Journal...

Live Journal, Live Journal
Making fun of your friends behind their back
On Live Journal, Live Journal
Find some new friends to infect....
With Live Journal.

/// eee, this song kicks ass!

2 miles | have you run yet today?

and the prom.. [28 Apr 2004|09:38pm]

haha, i look so stupid in this picture, but i decided to put it up anyway. [would ya look at that... my scanner actually works...] bad scan job, but eh, what can you do?

libbi (left, duh) getting ready for jr prom with jeremiah. ::fake swoon::
have you run yet today?

let's remember this one [25 Apr 2004|01:42pm]
Penn Relays Recap | just some highlights

•watched Koons and her Allentown 4x800 run (2nd place in their heat)
•watched Nicole Blood and her crazy Saratoga Springs 4x800 run (1st place in their heat)
•devon, jill, coutrney and sam ran their 4x100 (came in 2nd in their heat)
•spectated emily, devon, jill and courtney run their 4x400 in 4:01.83
•stayed later with phil, savoys & corcoran to watch some more races
•experienced numerous waay cool steeplechase runs
•celebrated Alan Webb(!) winning the 5k
•awed at Katelyn Kaltenbach in the olympic development 5k race (came in 5th)
•watched half of the 7th grader Briana Jackucewicz's olympic development 10k(!) (came in 2nd)

•cheered on Mike, Bucci, Ello and Kincade in a depressing 4x800 (came in 5th)
•helped emily cheer for st. annies in the gradeschool finals
•watched mike run a mile in some championship (came in 12th)
•saw Nicole Blood and Saratoga springs steal 1st place in the DMR championship

•cheered Bucci, Ello, Kincade and Mallon in their 4x400 (came in 8th)
•went wild over several USA vs. the World races
•saw Marion Jones sprint sprint her post-baby butt off
•watched Alan Webb pwn the competition in an olympic development mile
•spectated some old men running fast
•cheered for some special olympic races
•watched Jon Drummond burn the track in a 100m dash (came in 1st)
•exploded for our girls running a golden 4x400 in a 3:59 for the finals
•bus broke down on a fun ride home from Franklin Field
have you run yet today?

[21 Apr 2004|09:53pm]
i really wish i could write my entries in public (cause i'm starting to get more involved with this site and whatnot... lol) but somepeople just can't help but abuse the things they get. ugggh.
have you run yet today?

shoot [18 Apr 2004|04:04pm]
I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less.

Ask me anything (yes.. ANYTHING) you want.

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
4 miles | have you run yet today?

[08 Apr 2004|03:15pm]
We never know how high we are
Till we are asked to rise
And then if we are true to plan
Our statures touch the skies-
The heroism we recite
Would be a normal thing
Did not ourselves the cubits warp
For fear to be a king-

Emily Dickinson

I love that poem because it seems that what the peom is talking about is the reason, when you really boil down to it, people fail in running.

((( cu·bit 'kyü-b&t : any of various ancient units of length based on the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger and usually equal to about 18 inches (45.7 centimeters) )))
have you run yet today?

sountrack of my life [03 Apr 2004|11:52pm]
(not in any particular order)
(and adding songs takes alot of thought)

1. Everclear - Out of My Depth
2. the Beatles - Obladee
3. Everclear - Otis Redding
4. Stroke 9 - One Time
5. Finger 11 - One Thing
6. Stroke 9 - Angels
7. Alanis Morrisette - Hand in my Pocket
8. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up
have you run yet today?

parlez-vous francais? [30 Mar 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]

J'ai course de ordinateur a treize heures vingt. Je n'ai pas des devoirs, mais j'ai libre. A seize heures quinze, je vais aller de l'athletisme. Aujord-hui, vais difficile ca. C'est pas bon, mais j'adore ca. Les copains et moi faisons du jogging d'habitude. J'aime bien aller au cinema et au centre comercial avec mes amis aussi. Nous adorons voir un film et faire le magains! Aujord-hui, c'est 30 mars, mais il fais froid.

have you run yet today?

la da da da life goes on [23 Mar 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | okay ]

well as it turns out, events in my life are never as drastic as they seem. no matter what. i still haven't decided whether thats a good or bad thing... anyway, that is why i've resurrected this diary business. (though it's not on the same website : ( ) i'm not sure if i'll be staying, but i need something for right now.

i would fill in all the details from last weeks hazardous events (caused, of course, by my stupidity and a diary) but it's just about over... i think... so i won't. i'll instead write from day to day, the chronicles of my life as they happen and try not to backpeddal because god knows in my life a day later makes all the diffrence.

have you run yet today?

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